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The Charlie Hall Picture Archive is a unique book for all fans of Charlie Hall and Laurel and Hardy.   The book features over two hundred and ten images, many of which have never been published and has sections covering Charlie Hall,  his family and the places they visited, his cars, the studio set up in Hollywood (with a section dedicated to Hal Roach) and the stars of the time (including Mary Pickford and Mabel Normand).  There are numerous mini biographies of Charlie's co-stars and the book closes with a sixty five page chapter relating to Charlie Hall's film stills with in depth synopsis of some of his films.  Where possible Charlie's own words have been used.


The book is softback, slightly smaller than A4 (292x205mm), has 178 pages in total, close to 17,000 words and features over two hundred and ten images, many of which have never before been published.  The book was written by Dean McKeown and edited by Maria Cairney, the foreword was written by Willie McIntyre.


'Charlie left a legacy and a story through these pictures and now for the first time his personal archive will be presented in full using, where possible, Charlie’s own words.  The Charlie Hall Picture Archive offers a rare glimpse into Charlie’s professional and private life.  My only hope is that you as the reader will get as much enjoyment from this book as I have had compiling it.'